Karen and I took a sunrise camel ride at Frontier Camel Tours, part of the Ayres Rock Resort complex.  These are the pictures of camels, pictures taken from the camels are included with our other pictures of Ayres Rock.

Orin and Karen on "Moe" the Camel at sunrise.

Another picture of Orin, Karen, and "Moe"

The camel behind Karen likes her - as a place to wipe drool!  The Olgas (Kata Tjuta) can be seen in the far background.

Brent, a native New Zealander, was the camel wrangler and guide for our adventure


"Moe", up close and personal.

Camels back at the farm.  These are technically dromedaries because they have only one hump.  Bactrian camels, which live in cold climates, have two humps.  We were told that camels chew a cud (like cows) and do not spit - they are actually vomiting.  Same difference as far as we're concerned.

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