We saw many cockatoos - both the white "sulphur crested" and the pink/grey "galahs" throughout Australia, but the most in the Red Centre.  We also saw black cockatoos but could not photograph them.

White cockatoos in a tree outside a roadhouse, on the way to Ayres Rock Resort.

The same cockatoos, in flight.

A flock of galahs in a tree at another roadhouse.

A zoom shot of one of these galahs.

A galah high up in a tree in Adelaide.

Galahs and a cockatoo in flight at Healesville Sanctuary.

Galah in an enclosure at Healesville.

Another shot of this playful bird.  A pet store in a small town where we stopped had galahs for sale for $30, hand-raised tame galahs sell for upwards of $2000 in the U.S.A.


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