We saw many hawks and eagles (aka "raptors") during our trip - especially in the desert.  Recent rains had brought out a lot of new vegetation, so the raptors were ready to pounce on whomever came out to eat it.  We probably saw a large raptor every 25 km of our 500 km drive between Alice Springs and Ayres Rock Resort.

Both Healesville Sanctuary and Cleland Wildlife Park had Raptor Centres that would take in young, injured, or abandoned raptors and train them according to the principles of the art of falconry.  Their results were in our opinion excellent, and we took many many pictures.

Wedge Tailed Eagle at Healesville

It was raining pretty hard at this point, so the eagle didn't fly for long.

Healesville's eagle trainer - this gives some idea of the scale of this large and powerful bird.


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